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Memorial Walls


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Elevating Funeral Customization with Unmatched Reliability and Affordability

Imagine a seamlessly integrated experience: as the Video Bier gracefully transports any casket style, it effortlessly integrates 4K ultra-short-throw video projection and HD sound. The Memorial Environments wall becomes a canvas for unlimited digital content, allowing immediate customization. Picture a serene sunset at the beach, transitioning to a soldier saluting the fluttering American flag, followed by personal images and videos of the departed and their family. All in a larger-than-life, transportable environment behind the casket and urn.  


Tribute Video Funeral

Why We Personalize Funerals and Celebration Of Life Services

Created Because Of Mom

In 2009, our mother passed away quite suddenly from a surgical complication.  She was beautiful, vibrant and in great health… and then in an instant, she was gone.  The visitation and ceremony felt beige.  The curtains behind the casket were tan, the walls and floors seemed similar, the casket even blended into neutral.  Had there been something magnificent to celebrate who she was, a bright, colorful and vibrant environment that said “Mom!” it would have left us with the feeling we told the world who she really was in a celebration of her life.


We thought about that experience for years and dedicate this amazing tribute to mom’s memory.  After fine tuning a solution to beautifully celebrate a loved one, we filed patents on the Memorial Environments wall.  This glowing mobile wall with a high definition changeable graphic will create that perfect environment personalizing the life of your loved one.

Larger Than Life Celebration

Personalization Statistics

Number of families not wanting a traditional funeral


Baby Boomer who want a personalized service


Percentage of people who no longer want a religious funeral but rather a personalized one




Just as we choose the perfect environment for our weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries, the final celebration of our life should reflect who we are, what we value, and what we leave behind as a legacy.  Selecting the perfect environment for a funeral or celebration of life adds warmth and a loving touch to the final goodbye that is in sync with the life loves and enjoyments of the deceased.

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