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Why We Personalize Funerals and Celebration Of Life Services


Memorial Environments Wall

Created Because Of Mom

In 2009, our mother passed away quite suddenly from a surgical complication.  She was beautiful, vibrant and in great health… and then in an instant, she was gone.  The visitation and ceremony felt beige.  The curtains behind the casket were tan, the walls and floors seemed similar, the casket even blended into neutral.  Had there been something magnificent to celebrate who she was, a bright, colorful and vibrant environment that said “Mom!” it would have left us with the feeling we told the world who she really was in a celebration of her life.


We thought about that experience for years and dedicate this amazing tribute to mom’s memory.  After fine tuning a solution to beautifully celebrate a loved one, we filed patents on the Memorial Environments wall.  This glowing mobile wall with a high definition changeable graphic will create that perfect environment personalizing the life of your loved one.

Funeral Professionals

Memorial Environment Walls is a patent-pending product offering which is not only a new marketing tool for your organization, but also a new way to create an environment for your families loved one's funerals. 


We have endless graphic options helping you best customize your selection offering to your families.  We recommend starting by looking through our most commonly chosen graphic selection.  Once you have had a chance to explore various options, if there is something specific you would like our design team to create for you.  Our graphic design team will be happy to explore different options to help you best serve your demographic.  It is our intention to do what we can to guide you through the on-boarding process to ensure great success.

Graphic Selection

Contact us today to learn how you can set yourself apart from your competitors and better help your families celebrate who their loved one was.


We understand how challenging it can be to plan a loved one's funeral or celebration of life when grieving for their passing.  Many studies show personalizing a loved one's funeral according to who they were and what they loved helps with the grieving process.  Creating an environment dedicated to what they loved and who they were helps the grieving families share more about how they loved the deceased.


Giving them the gift of a Memorial Environments Wall during their funeral or celebration of life will help you and your loved one's celebrate who they were and what they mean to you.  


We are happy to help you locate a facility who offers the Memorial Environments Wall or contact your preferred funeral home regarding their offering the Memorial Wall.  


Contact us today and we will be happy to follow up with your choice funeral home.    

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