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Heart Attack Scare Into Funeral Planning

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

A Near Miss and a Lesson in Preparedness

Written By Tonya Kraning

In life, they say things often occur in threes. While I've never been one to focus on such superstitions, recent unexpected events have made me ponder this idea more deeply. It was during the joyous Christmas season, a time of warmth, family, and, for me, spreading cheer through homemade goodies. However, amidst the festivities, I became the second element in this series of unexpected incidents.

Our son's girlfriend had just arrived after a lengthy 5-hour drive, and I was immersed in preparing one of our favorite meals when suddenly, I found myself on my knees, gripped by severe, stabbing pains that shot from my abdomen to the left side of my neck, down my left arm, all the way to my fingertips. Unable to breathe or move, I assumed a prone position. Fearing the worst, I quickly consulted Google and, unfortunately, my fears were confirmed—I was experiencing what is ominously referred to as "the silent killer" in women. At 52, with a 20 and 9-year-old, the gravity of the situation hit me. Looking at my family, I thought, "There's a very real chance I might not see their faces, say

their names, or feel their embrace ever again." Disturbingly, thoughts of unpreparedness for life's inevitable departure consumed me. I hadn't planned m

y life celebration party, hadn't left words of guidance and cherished moments for my children.

Rushed to the ER for an exhaustive battery of tests, the results revealed something surprising. A pinched nerve in my neck, when ignored, can mimic a heart attack, replicating nearly all the

painful symptoms. Grateful to be back home without the looming prospect of intensive medical follow-ups, I've learned that my heart is, in fact, in perfect condition. This scare, however, had a silver lining. It served as a wake-up call, a reminder of the importance of leaving behind a legacy for my children—words of wisdom that can guide them in my absence.

**Conclusion: A Wake-Up Call to Cherish Life and Plan Ahead**

Toasting Memories
Life Celebration Party

My near miss has reaffirmed my desire to make a joyful exit when the time comes, celebrating the precious moments we shared on this earth. I want my children and loved ones to remember the laughter, the love, and the joy, not be burdened with decisions through their grief. The experience has emphasized the ease of preplanning, a thoughtful process facilitated by companies in the industry that guide you through and ensure your plans are executed seamlessly when the time comes.

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