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Unveiling the PersonalTouch Video Bier - An Innovative and Portable Solution For Personal Tributes

Memorial Environments, a pioneer in the funeral industry, introduced its patent-pending scenic wall over two years ago, offering families a unique and customizable ambiance to honor their departed loved ones. The backlit changeable fabric graphic has been a resounding success, appealing to a wide audience. Now, Memorial Environments, a subsidiary of Optika Scenicworks, proudly announces its latest breakthrough - the Personal Touch Video Bier. This innovative bier on casters takes memorial services to new heights, integrating personalized images and dynamic multimedia experiences that pay heartfelt tributes like never before.

The Evolution of PersonalTouch Video Bier: The PersonalTouch Video Bier was born through valuable feedback received from funeral homes and families seeking ways to make memorials even more meaningful. Starting with fabric graphics featuring unlimited universal themes, the demand quickly escalated to include personalized family images, full-motion videos, and dynamic sound. "Our team at OPTIKA Scenicworks was determined to fulfill our customers' wishes and deliver an unparalleled memorial experience," said Jason Kraning, President at OPTIKA Scenicworks. "Through relentless dedication and the filing of additional patents, we proudly introduce the Personal Touch Video Bier, a powerful solution that encapsulates full motion video and sound delivering an awe-inspiring ambiance."

Unparalleled Multimedia Experience: The PersonalTouch Video Bier combines traditional bier functionality, supporting caskets up to 800 pounds, with a 4K ultra-short-throw projection system. This state-of-the-art system can create a mesmerizing 150" diagonal image on the scenic wall situated behind the casket or urn. Families can now enjoy personalized still images and high-definition videos on demand, accompanied by captivating dynamic sound.

Simple Integration, Boundless Possibilities: Family videos traditionally played on 60"+ LCD screens around the funeral home can simply plug into the system via usb stick to create a larger than life environment. The system also has full bluetooth wi-fi capability offering access to any content on the internet.

Portability and Versatility: Unlike costly LED walls or ceiling mount projection systems that lack portability, the PersonalTouch Video Bier is ingeniously designed to be completely transportable. Equipped with casters, it can effortlessly move from the visitation room to the chapel, offering unmatched versatility to funeral homes. Furthermore, the system can be taken o-site to event centers or churches, providing a seamless memorial experience in different locations.

Exceptional Reception and Upcoming Launch: The PersonalTouch Video Bier was softly launched at NFDMA in Atlanta in August, garnering overwhelming interest from funeral home owners who immediately recognized the competitive advantage it brings. Its social launch will take place at NFDA in Las Vegas in September. Funeral professionals and industry peers are encouraged to visit booth 2062 to witness firsthand the transformative power of the PersonalTouch Video Bier.

Memorial Environments, through OPTIKA Scenicworks, remains committed to providing cutting- edge solutions that elevate memorial services and create lasting tributes for families. For media inquiries or further information, please contact Jason Kraning,, (864) 313-4477.

About Optika Scenicworks: For over 27 years, Optika has proudly led the charge as a premier innovator, crafting technology- based products that have made a difference across countless industries. However, our journey into the funeral professionals' industry was driven by something more profound - a heartfelt decision. It was the heartfelt experience of Jason, who, after the unexpected passing of his beloved mother, attended her service only to find an environment that felt bland and impersonal, failing to truly represent how she had cherished and lived her life. This poignant moment inspired him to embark on a mission to transform memorial spaces, giving birth to the Memorial Environments product line - an endeavor deeply rooted in emotion, compassion, and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of grieving families.

In conclusion, we are genuinely thrilled to embark on this journey together, committed to elevating revenue streams for funeral homes and enriching the experiences of the families they serve. As a leading innovator in the funeral industry, Optika is dedicated to crafting thoughtful and personalized solutions for memorial environments. Our unwavering dedication to honoring departed loved ones drives us to redefine the memorial experience, touching the hearts of families nationwide. With passion and purpose, we look forward to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who entrust us with their cherished memories.

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